Tips For Building A Modern Home In Minecraft Survival

Tips For Building A Modern Home In Minecraft Survival

In Minecraft, many players have the desire to build modern homes as they offer a sleek and stylish design with clean lines and minimalistic features, often incorporating glass and concrete into the structure’s construction. These homes can be created using various materials, such as concrete, terracotta, and quartz blocks, to achieve a modern aesthetic.

A significant advantage of building modern homes in Minecraft is the ability to create functional living spaces with contemporary amenities. Players can maximize natural light with large windows, design open-concept layouts, and incorporate outdoor spaces like swimming pools and more for entertainment. Moreover, modern homes can also feature advanced technology like lighting systems, smart home devices, and security systems, utilizing the Redstone feature, making the living experience more comfortable and convenient.

Modern homes in Minecraft present an excellent opportunity for players to showcase their creativity and design skills. They can experiment with different colour schemes, textures, and materials to build unique and visually appealing structures. Additionally, incorporating landscaping elements such as pools, gardens, and outdoor living spaces can enhance the overall design of the home, offering an opportunity for players to explore limitless possibilities and create the home of their dreams.

How To Prepare

Designing and building a modern home in Minecraft can also provide an enjoyable and satisfying experience. With the creative mode feature, players can experiment with a variety of building materials and design styles before moving on to build a modern home project in the game’s survival mode. This can allow the player to be better prepared and understand the types of materials and amount of materials needed before starting the build-in survival, however, many players prefer the challenge of survival and prefer not to experiment in creative mode.

It is important to consider both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the design. Once you have figured out the design and overall look you want to achieve you will then need to collect the proper resources, materials and blocks needed to build the home in Minecraft’s survival mode. Some of the materials in survival mode can be easy to collect, while others may be more challenging or time-consuming to collect in large amounts.

Building Method

Building With Scaffolding In Minecraft

Scaffolding is recommended for complex building projects in Minecraft Survival. Scaffolding plays a critical role in constructing structures in Minecraft, providing a temporary platform for players to access high and hard-to-reach areas. Made of bamboo, it is a cost-effective and readily available resource that enables players to build bridges, towers, and other elevated structures requiring support. To create scaffolding, players need six bamboo sticks and one string.

The versatility of scaffolding in Minecraft makes it an indispensable tool for building complex structures. Players can use it to create a platform to reach high areas like the tops of trees or mountains. It can also serve as a bridge or tower connecting multiple structures or act as a temporary support structure for larger projects such as castles or mansions.

Scaffolding’s dismantling simplicity is another advantage of Minecraft. To dismantle scaffolding you can dismantle the bottom block and the rest comes falling down too. After building, players can easily destroy the scaffolding and collect it as an item. This feature makes it effortless to clean up after construction, and players can reuse the scaffolding for future projects. With its numerous benefits, scaffolding is a must-have tool for serious Minecraft builders, streamlining the building process in high-altitude environments and facilitating the construction of intricate structures.

Beginning A Modern Home Build

The first step in constructing a modern Minecraft home involves selecting a suitable location that can accommodate the design. It is helpful to choose a relatively flat area that is spacious enough to house the desired structure. It is also important to consider the surrounding natural features such as water bodies, and trees, and incorporate them into the design. Modern homes can be built almost anywhere and in any biome in Minecraft. The choice is up to you!

Starting A Modern Home Build In Minecraft Survival

Design Ideas

When designing the house, it is important to focus on the overall style and shape. Modern homes often feature clean lines, sharp angles, and minimalistic design elements. A combination of various building materials such as concrete, quartz, glass, and wood can create an aesthetically appealing and visually interesting modern home in Minecraft. Start building the blueprint of the modern home idea you have in mind. You can start this by building the overall layout of the floor plan and where you want the rooms to be. Once you have that figured out you can start building the walls up. Don’t be afraid to experiment with ideas and tear down what you don’t like. You can build a wall up and mine out the blocks to put a window in after, and you can always change where you want doors or windows at any point during the building process. The best thing to do is to experiment and see what you like.

Add Windows

Integrating windows into the design of the modern home allows for natural light and scenic views of the surrounding environment. The use of coloured glass or stained glass can add a splash of colour to the design. The windows add to the aesthetic of a modern home design. A typical design for windows in a modern home is to have them in verticle lines, wide or thin, with black concrete over a white concrete structure. Horizontal window designs are also good for a modern house in Minecraft. The typical vertical window designs with black or grey concrete are also usually extended one block out to add depth. Another good window design for a modern home is to have sunroofs to let natural light in from above.

Add Depth

When designing a modern home it is also important to consider adding depth where it is possible to avoid a flat look of your modern home build. When you build windows it is a good idea to add depth to avoid a flat look. You can have sunken windows with an overhang or you can have an extended window with an overhang. You can have a balcony. The roof can have sunroof windows with slabs on top of the border blocks. You can create plants on the sides, add leaf blocks, place lanterns or even add trap doors as decoration to help add depth. Another way depth can be added is to use staircases or slabs as part of the structure design. When you add depth to your build it can make all the difference!

Landscape A Fresh Lawn

Builders of modern homes in Minecraft should also consider landscaping a fresh-looking lawn. Fresh lawns add to the aesthetic of the well-kept modern home, although it is not necessary it will help the build pop out more when viewed from a distance. A fresh lawn can be achieved in many ways. Some examples can be moss blocks and moss carpets, however, the method I used and like is to simply use dyed concrete powder. You can choose to use green concrete powder in 1 line, and lime green dyed concrete powder in the next line. This will give the look of a fresh lawn with bright clean green colours that will pop out and complement the modern house.


Lighting a modern house in Minecraft is very important. It is recommended to use end rods or light blocks as many can be hidden under carpets without blocking the light source. Sea lanterns are bright light blocks and along with end rods, they contribute to a modern aesthetic design. Lighting up the outside is also important as it will keep the house bright at night. You can add chains with hanging lanterns, light blocks such as the sea lantern or end rods.

Build A Pool

Most modern homes have pools and so that also means that it is a popular addition to build for modern homes in Minecraft. Adding a pool to the front, back or side of your modern home in Minecraft is a good idea because it will add to the immersion of your property and create another level of ambiance to your build. Pools also make the building more exciting to look at from the outside. You can also add a pool inside or even a fish tank! Utilizing water works well with a modern home as it complements the aesthetic of a modern design.

Build A Fireplace And Chimney

Building a fireplace and chimney are optional features in a Minecraft modern house because it isn’t necessary for achieving a modern look. What adding a fireplace and chimney will do though, is it will add to the immersion of the aesthetic. It will make the house seem like a lived-in home and add to the ambience of the setting. You can craft a campfire and build a fireplace enclosure inside with blocks leading up to the roof. On the roof, you can create a 2×2 with a campfire in the centre block, raise the chimney up a few blocks, add some depth with slabs and you will see the smoke rising out of the top adding immersion. For the chimney of a modern house in Minecraft, deepslate bricks or deepslate tiles work well with the design.

Interior Design

One of the most difficult parts of completing a modern house in Minecraft survival can be the interior design. It takes patience and creativity to come up with ideas for a good interior design for your modern house in Minecraft because vanilla Minecraft does not have any furniture items to craft unlike certain mods, so the player will have to be creative with those features and find ways to craft and place items to resemble furniture with existing blocks like slabs, staircases, carpet mats and more. Functionality should be a primary consideration when designing the interior of the modern home. Open floor plans, with a single large living space incorporating the dining room and kitchen, are common in modern homes. Furniture and decor can be used to divide the space into different areas while maintaining an open feel. It is recommended to utilize the paintings that can be crafted, and strategically place crafting tables, furnaces, leaf blocks, clay pots with flowers, a clock, signs, chests and more. For furniture like a table, one idea is to use a single fence post with wool carpet on top, or another option you can use is upside-down staircases. Staircases can also act as chairs, but you can also use minecarts as chairs which a player can actually enter and sit in. You can create sunbeds with a staircase and a slab. Umbrellas on a deck can also be created with 2 fence posts on top of each other with carpet attached, you can create a pattern with white and red.

Modern Minecraft Home Interior

Finishing Touches

Adding the finishing touches to the modern Minecraft home and surrounding landscape enhances its overall appeal. Landscaping around the home with trees, and a fresh lawn using moss carpets, green dyed carpets, dyed concrete powder, various types of flowers, and pathways make the home and surrounding property look inviting and well-lived. The design of interior and exterior lighting fixtures contributes to a warm and inviting ambiance. With proper planning and creativity, constructing a modern Minecraft home can be an exciting and fulfilling experience. Once you finish your modern home-building project you can then use it as a home base, for roleplay purposes, or simply to show off to your friends! Building a modern home design in Minecraft is a rewarding experience, once you start and finish one, you will want to build more! The next step is a luxury development neighbourhood!

Minecraft Modern Home Build