Minecraft – 1.19 The Wild Update Overview

Minecraft - 1.19 The Wild Update Overview
Image via Mojang

The latest update for one of the most popular video games in the world, Minecraft, is named The Wild Update. The new 1.19 update brings a variety of new content to Minecraft as well as parity updates such as spectator mode, to better align the different versions of the game, Bedrock Edition and Java Edition.

2 New Biomes

1.19 The Wild Update adds 2 new biomes to the game!

1. Deep Dark Biome

  • Cave Biome
  • Sculk Blocks
  • Ancient City
  • Ancient City Loot
Deep Dark Biome
Deep Dark Biome (Image via Mojang)

The deep dark biomes are located in caves, and ravines deep below the surface at around Y Level – 0. An easy way to locate and find a suitable area to search for these biomes is to start in an area with low erosion. Players can identify low erosion as any area with large mountains. Players will find these deep dark biomes below any large mountain. Players exploring underground in these low erosion areas will be able to locate the deep dark biomes quite commonly. The new deep dark biome offers many new blocks in the form of sculk blocks. These new sculk blocks have unique properties and can be found all over the deep dark biome.

2. Mangrove Swamp Biome

  • Warm Climate Biome
  • Mud Blocks/Mangrove Wood
  • Frogs/Tadpoles
  • Mangrove Leaf Block
  • Mangrove Roots Block
  • Mangrove Propagules
  • Mangrove Doors, Trap Doors, Signs, Stairs, Fence, Boat, Etc

The mangrove swamp biomes are home to the warm variant of frogs and offer a new type of tree and wood, mangrove tree and mangrove wood. The mangrove swamp biomes are a new upgraded version of the existing swamp biome, this means Minecraft now has 2 different swamp biomes and players may even find blends of both. The mud block and many other blocks can be found in this biome. Groups of 2-5 warm frogs can spawn in swamp and mangrove swamp biomes. Mangrove trees, mangrove logs, and mangrove wood will be able to be turned into mangrove planks that have reddish hues. These planks can then be turned into the typical item list that other wood types can create, such as boats, doors, trap doors, fences, stairs, etc.

Mangrove roots are a new type of block that is tree-related. Mangrove roots can be waterlogged. They are similar to tree leaves and have a partial transparent look in terms of visuals. Mangrove roots are found at the bottom of any mangrove tree. Players will be able to use these blocks to create unique looks within their worlds.

Mangrove leaves are a new leaf type in Minecraft, with long leaf textures and different hues of green.

Mangrove propagules are the new saplings added to Minecraft for the mangrove trees. Propagules grow on the bottom of mangrove tree leaves. Propagules can be planted underwater or on dry land.

Swift Sneak Enchantment

The new update brings the swift sneak enchantment. This new special enchantment can only be found in ancient city loot chests. The swift sneak enchantment allows the player to walk faster while sneaking (crouching), with an increment of 15% per level up to 75% for level III. The swift sneak enchantment is only available for leggings.

Sculk Blocks

All Sculk blocks generate in the Deep Dark Biome

1. Sculk

Sculk blocks drop experience points when broken without silk touch enchantments. The best tool to break down Sculk blocks is with the hoe. Sculk blocks are the most common block found in deep dark biomes. Sculk blocks have animated textures and grow underneath a mob corpse while around a sculk catalyst block. Sculk blocks can be effectively mined in large quantities for experience points.

2. Sculk Catalyst

The sculk catalyst spreads sculk blocks to wherever a mob dies. The amount the sculk blocks spread is determined by the number of experience points the mob is meant to drop. The catalyst block spreads sculk blocks that store experience points.

3. Skulk Shrieker

Sculk shriekers are activated by sculk sensors and have the ability to emit a shrieking sound. When activated players are given the darkness effect. Naturally generated sculk shriekers summon a warden if activated too many times.

4. Sculk Vein

Sculk veins generate similar to snow in a layer on top of blocks and can be placed in all directions like glow lichen. Sculk veins drop nothing when broken without the silk touch enchantment.

5. Sculk Sensor

Sculk sensors are blocks that detect vibrations caused by actions and events. Sculk sensors activate sculk catalysts and also emit a Redstone signal.

Ancient City

Ancient City
Ancient City (Image via Mojang)

The new Ancient City structure added in the 1.19 patch update is located within deep dark biomes at around Y -54. The ancient city structure provides Minecraft with a new area for players to search for loot. The ancient city loot is unique and has items that cannot be found anywhere else in the Minecraft world. These new loot items provide unique new mechanics and abilities to players.

Ancient City Loot

Ancient City structures contain new loot such as a unique enchantment, recovery compass, a new material, and music disc fragments.

Recovery Compass

The new Recovery Compass is crafted with 1 compass and 8 echo shards. Echo shards are looted in chests in the ancient city within the deep dark biome. The recovery compass points to the location where the player last died.

Music Disc 5

Music disc 5 can only be obtained by restoring it from a fragmented state, requiring 9 disc fragments. The disc fragment can only be obtained from chests in the ancient city. These disc fragments are rare and difficult to obtain.


Allay (Image via Mojang)

The new Allay mob was voted in by the Minecraft community during Minecraft Live 2021. When an Allay is discovered it is tamed by giving a random item or block to the Allay. When the Allay is given a block or item they will find dropped items or blocks of the same type around the loaded chunks nearby to bring back to the player. An Allay will drop its collected items when in range of a note block that was recently played within 30 seconds.

Where to find an Allay?

Allays can be found in pillager outposts cages or woodland mansion prisons generated in 1.19


Warden (Image via Mojang)

The Warden is a very difficult mob with high health, high damage, and ranged attacks. The warden is designed to be a mob that is avoided by players. The Warden spawns in the Deep Dark Biome, emerging from the ground after being summoned by sculk shriekers. Once a Warden spawns it will activate the darkness effect on nearby players. The darkness effect makes the screen dim in brightness (This can be turned off in settings). The Warden will despawn after 60 seconds without detecting vibrations.  The warden uses the sense of smell and vibrations to detect the player and because of this, the Warden can detect players with invisibility.

The Warden prioritizes suspicious players rather than nearby players allowing for some strategic plays when players are trying to sneak around the warden, such as noise distractions.

Avoiding The Warden

The Warden doesn’t detect players who are sneaking, but don’t get too close because the warden will smell you. The Warden uses the sense of smell and vibrations, for example, the Warden will go inspecting locations where projectiles land (Snowballs, Arrows) which allows the player to distract the Warden to allow friends to escape or to create an opening opportunity. The Warden can get angry when the player fires more than 2 projectiles in five seconds.


Minecraft Temperate Frogs
Minecraft Temperate Frogs (Image via Mojang)

There are three variants of frogs being added to Minecraft. The variant of frog is determined by where the tadpole grows up. Here are the three variants of frogs players can find:

  • Temperate Climate Frog (Orange)
  • Cold Climate Frog (Green)
  • Warm Climate Frog (White)

Frogs can spawn in groups of 2-5 in swamps or mangrove swamps. Frogs have the ability to swim underwater and can jump 8 blocks high and take 10 less damage from falling than most other mobs in Minecraft. Frogs are bred using slimeballs which are obtained by killing slimes. Once two frogs are bred with slime balls one frog will look for a body of water with air above to lay frogspawn. Frogspawn cannot be obtained in a player inventory in survival mode. The frogspawn turns into tadpoles and eventually into frogs.


Tadpoles hatch from frogspawn eggs on the surface of the water. Tadpoles grow up into frogs after birth. The type of frog depends on the environment the tadpoles grow up in. The item labeled A Bucket of Tadpoles is being added to Minecraft, which allows players to transfer tadpoles to another location. Keep your tadpoles away from any Axolotls because they panic when any are nearby.


Froglights are obtained when a frog attacks a small magma cube. Frogs attack using their tongues to pull certain mobs toward them and they will attack small slimes and small magma cubes.

The type of froglight created when a frog attacks a magma cube is dependent on the type of frog variant. Here are the 3 variants of froglights:

  • Temperate Climate Frog (Orange Frog) (Yellow/Ochre Froglight)
  • Cold Climate Frog (Green Frog) (Green/Verdant Froglight)
  • Warm Climate Frog (White Frog) (Purple/Pearlescent Froglight)

Mud Blocks & Mud Bricks

Mud blocks can be found in mangrove swamp biomes. To create a Mud block, players will need to add water to dirt, using a water bottle. Mud blocks can be placed on top of dripstone to dehydrate and form clay, which makes clay a renewable resource in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Mud blocks will be able to be crafted into packed mud, using mud and wheat from farming. Packed mud can then be turned into mud bricks using 4 packed mud. Using a crafting table or stonecutter packed mud can be crafted into mud brick slabs, stairs, and walls.

Boats With Chests

Minecraft Boat Chest
Minecraft Boat Chest (Image via Mojang)

With this new update, players can now craft boats with chests using 13 wooden planks of any kind, and 1 wooden shovel (crafted with 2 sticks and a wooden plank). Once you have the Boat and Chest in your inventory, open the crafting table and craft the boat with a chest. You can craft a boat with a chest with any type of overworld wood, including the new mangrove wood. When breaking down boats with chests the chest drops all items within its inventory. Only 1 player or mob can ride in a boat with a chest.

Boat With Chest Usage

While players are using the boat they will be able to access the contents inside the chest by opening their inventory. While outside the boat players can open the chest by crouching while they access the chest without sitting on the boat.

Goat Horn

The new goat horn item added to Minecraft is acquired when a goat rams a tree or any other hard block that generates naturally. Once a goat loses its horn it cannot grow it back. The goat horn can be used to play a loud sound that can be heard by players from a far distance. There are 8 variants of goat horns. Ponder, Sing, Seek, Feel, Admire, Call, Yearn, Dream. Goat horns can also be found in pillager outposts in loot chests