The Problem With Diablo IV Legion Events – Opinion

The Problem With Diablo IV Legion Events

Diablo IV has been out for a while now and players have been able to experience all of the content the game has to offer from the launch and give valuable feedback. There has been some controversy within the community along with positive praise. The subject of focus I want to narrow in on, in this article is the Legion Events that online players participate in within Diablo IV.

What Are Legion Events?

These events are timed events that pop up in the open world of Sanctuary that players can spot on their map and then head to the location of the event. Once you get there you are usually, if not always met with a bunch of other online players looking to accomplish the same goal – to complete the Legion Event.

On paper, the Legion Event seems like a great way to get different players online from all over the world together in the same spot and also to get those players more immersed in this online world of Sanctuary in the Diablo universe which itself is a new addition to the Diablo franchise. It can also be said that it is a way for players to show off their gear or transmogs to other players in the world, which is also a new addition to the game’s franchise, but the question is, can that be enough incentive to keep players returning to these events? Maybe, but I highly doubt it.

Diablo IV Legion Events

What’s The Problem With Legion Events?

So what’s the problem with Legion Events? Well, in my opinion, there is one major issue about Legion Events that I see right now. and that is the difficulty level of the Legion Events, which is non-existent. Another issue is that the experience gained towards leveling isn’t great and also the player experience playing through the event itself also isn’t great. Once a Legion Event is completed, players will be met with loot chests to open which will spit out loot, with chances to also drop mount skins which are cosmetic upgrades. To me, it seems that Nightmare Dungeons are more worth doing, or even Helltide Events instead, both for having fun and for getting valuable loot. As a result of the repetitive Legion Events with no challenge to offer, I have recently started skipping Legion Events.

Legion Events Are Too Easy and Repetitive

Before the event begins and during the Legion Event there is usually no communication between players and I was only invited to a group a few times, it’s the same experience when I tried inviting people to groups myself.

As covered earlier, the Legion Events are extremely easy and don’t present the players with any real difficulty or challenge. Once the event begins the packs of mobs that spawn instantly get deleted, sometimes before you can even arrive and unleash your abilities yourself. Then you look on your map and see a flash of where the next pack will arrive, so you head there and do the same thing, hoping this time to get your own abilities unleashed upon the mobs.

To put it simply, Legion Events need to be more difficult with real challenging and engaging scenarios of combat for players to group up and tackle, otherwise, as it currently stands now, it gets very boring and very stale very quickly and hardly seems worth your time when compared to Nightmare Dungeons, Helltides, and even a World Boss event, which itself has some issues too that could be polished up.

Diablo IV Legion Event Multiplayer

How Can Legion Events Improve?

Blizzard should definitely look into a variety of different ways to improve the experience surrounding the Legion Events. Currently, they are very repetitive, so mixing up the encounter variations of the events is one way to start. Another improvement they can implement would be to add much more challenge and difficulty because at the moment the packs of enemy mobs are instantly deleted by even just 1 or 2 players, let alone a pack of players, and the events as they stand now currently do not present any challenge.

Another suggestion I would add to improve Legion Events is that they could add story elements during seasons or even better, add new mechanics such as portals that players would have to enter and clear out in a certain amount of time, or maybe no time limit, but the goal would be to add some element of coordination to encourage players to group up or at the very least communicate in some basic forms. Make the event able to be failed. Currently, it seems like a Legion Event cannot be failed.

Lastly, another suggestion would be to add more experience gained and better rewards for completing the event. Below is a list to summarize some basic ideas that could improve the player experience and the ‘fun’ factor of playing through these events.

Diablo IV Legion Event Combat

A list of my suggestions to improve Legion Events

  • Add variation of Legion Event styles
  • Make Legion Events more challenging with a higher difficulty level
  • Encourage coordination by adding mechanics such as portals to enter and clear
  • Add more experience rewards for completing the event


The Legion Events are a unique experience in Diablo IV and offer a different experience from the rest of the game, however, as they currently stand, they can be made better, more unique, and most importantly, more fun with improvements made. Right now they are fun in the first few experiences, but quickly drop off after only a few events. After I completed a Legion Event 3-4 times I quickly got bored and didn’t feel like participating in them anymore, not to mention it didn’t feel like it was worth my time. In the end, I stopped doing them entirely and instead just did Helltide Events, World Bosses when they popped up, and Nightmare Dungeons. When I see a Legion Event on my map now, I have zero interest, I don’t mark a pin on my map, I just skip it and load the next Nightmare Dungeon instead.

Diablo IV Legion Event Boss

In my opinion, that is not a good sign if the content isn’t engaging players for a longer period of time during the progression cycle, and in my opinion, it shouldn’t be like that. In the seasons of Diablo IV, Blizzard may already have some plans to spice up the Legion Events, but for now, we can only speculate about that because we are currently not aware of any changes to Legion Events, we can only hope that is the case because right now they are not fun to complete and not worth the time.