Tips For Defeating Trolls In Valheim Early Game

Tips For Defeating Trolls In Valheim Early Game

Valheim is an incredibly popular survival game that has taken the gaming community by storm. One of the major challenges that players face in the game is dealing with trolls. Trolls are strong, powerful enemies that can be difficult to defeat in the early game. However, with the right strategies and equipment, it is possible to defeat trolls and progress through the game.

Food Buffs And Armor

The first step in defeating trolls in Valheim is to ensure that you have adequate gear and food buffs. This includes a good set of armour, a strong weapon, and healing items. Leather armour and a bronze weapon are great options for the early game if you have already defeated Eikthyr. Additionally, make sure to bring healing items such as bandages or healing potions if you have unlocked those.

Valheim Troll Chase

Troll Behaviour

Another important aspect of defeating trolls is understanding their behaviour. Trolls are slow and will often use their large arms to attack. However, they can also hurl large rocks at you from a distance. It is important to stay mobile and avoid their attacks while looking for opportunities to strike. It is important to learn the dodge roll technique. This is a quick dodge move that allows you to quickly move out of the way of an incoming attack. By mastering the dodge roll, you can avoid the troll’s attacks and stay alive longer during the fight.

Valheim Troll Close Up


One effective strategy for defeating trolls is to use terrain to your advantage. Find a spot where you can attack the troll while it is unable to reach you, such as a rock or ledge. This will allow you to chip away at its health without putting yourself in harm’s way.

Bow And Arrow

In the very early game, it is recommended that players utilize the bow and arrow to take down a troll. Trolls have high damage in their slow swings and in the early game that could mean a quick end to the battle if you get hit more than once. Make sure to pack a bow with a stack of 100 arrows, if you are lucky enough to sneak up on the troll you can get the first well-placed shot in and aim for the head as it does more damage. Once you have the first shot in and alerted the troll you can then keep using the arrows as you move back leading the troll on. If you let the troll get close it will use its swing and will damage the surrounding terrain including rocks and trees crushing both and sending the resources flying in all directions. This can also be used for early-game resource gathering quickly by getting the troll to smash trees and rocks nearby with ease. As you lead the troll on keep firing arrows while avoiding its attack once it gets close and does its slow animation swing. Once it swings you can move back a distance and load up another arrow to fire, and you will eventually take the troll down and gain a new resource called troll leather which will unlock a new set of armour for you to craft. If you get jumped by the troll the same tactic works, as long as you can get away from the first rush of the troll.

Valheim Troll Chase In The Meadows

Bring A Friend

Another effective strategy is to bring along a friend. Trolls are much easier to defeat with a team of two or more players. Have one player distract the troll while the other attacks from behind. This will make the fight much easier and safer.

It is also important to be patient when fighting trolls. They have a lot of health and can take a long time to defeat. Don’t rush in and try to take them down quickly. Instead, take your time and focus on avoiding their attacks while slowly chipping away at their health.

Valheim Troll Attack

It is important to know when to retreat. If you find that you are taking too much damage or are running low on resources, it may be time to retreat and regroup. You can always come back and try again later with a better strategy or more gear.

Fire Arrows

There are a few other things you can do to increase your chances of defeating trolls in Valheim. One of these is to use fire-based weapons or attacks. Trolls are weak against fire, so using a flaming arrow or a fire-based weapon can help you deal more damage. Additionally, you can try setting the troll on fire with a torch or fire arrows.

Valheim Troll Combat

Another effective strategy is to use poison-based attacks if you have unlocked those. Trolls are also weak against poison, so using a poison-tipped arrow or weapon can help you deal more damage. Additionally, you can try poisoning the troll with poison arrows or by throwing poison potions at it.

Valheim Troll Approach

Defeating trolls in Valheim can be a challenging but rewarding experience and requires adequate gear, an understanding of their behaviour, terrain advantage, teamwork, patience, and the ability to retreat when necessary. By using the right strategies and equipment, you can take down these formidable enemies and progress through the game. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different tactics and approaches to find what works best for you. With practice and persistence, you can become a skilled troll hunter and conquer the game’s many challenges. Trolls in Valheim drop troll leather and will unlock a new set of troll armour for the player. It takes a few trolls to craft this armour so get ready to go troll hunting!