Are Hardcore Servers Coming To World of Warcraft Classic?

Are Hardcore Servers Coming To World of Warcraft Classic

Blizzard is rumoured to launch an official World of Warcraft Classic server catering to hardcore gamers. The hardcore community in World of Warcraft Classic has recently gained a popular following and fanbase. The hardcore challenge has gained significant popularity, thanks to the involvement of several WoW streamers and content creators who have joined in on the fun. Although World of Warcraft Classic is considered challenging compared to the live version of the game, some players find it lacking in difficulty or just want an extra challenging experience that adds to the immersion of the world of Azeroth and the community. As a result, a growing community has emerged with the goal of achieving the maximum level without dying even once. These dedicated players mostly reside on the Hydraxian Waterlords and Bloodsail Buccaneers servers, and they currently must use an addon to achieve this playstyle. The addon is called “Classic Hardcore” which tracks their progress since there is currently no official built-in World of Warcraft Classic hardcore mode available. However, the situation is about to change. Fans have discovered a leaked popup in the Patch 10.1 Public Test Realm that hints at an official WoW Classic hardcore mode that may be coming.

The Classic WoW hardcore community has been requesting official servers dedicated to their unique playstyle for a long time. This would simplify the process of finding like-minded players and reduce interference from regular players during their runs on the current regular servers.

The player function of Hardcore is straightforward – level up your character as usual, but if you die, delete the character and begin again. Trading with other players, purchasing items or materials from the auction house, and using any form of resurrection such as Soulstones are prohibited. To embark on your Hardcore journey, you must first install a unique addon called Hardcore, which records your deaths, as well as auction and mailbox interactions.

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The WoW subreddit is full of posts about players achieving various hardcore feats or the MMO’s recent surge in popularity. To enhance the hardcore experience, players currently use the previously mentioned add-on called Classic Hardcore, which notifies other players of a death and updates progress on a leaderboard. However, the character deletion process still relies on manual intervention from the player.

Blizzard may change that with the introduction of official hardcore servers, hinted at by a few lines of code discovered by Twitter user Meorawr in the game’s recent PTR build. These lines of code refer to a “hardcore warning” pop-up on the game’s realm selection and character creation screens, alerting players that their character will only have one life. While the code was removed a few days after its discovery, it appeared on the PTR for WoW Classic Era realms.

Introducing official hardcore servers would make sense for Blizzard, as WoW Classic recently concluded its Season of Mastery, which featured an accelerated version of the game that made several aspects more challenging. A “Season of Hardcore” taking advantage of the existing community demand would be a logical next step. Blizzard has also acknowledged the hardcore community before, as seen in Season of Mastery, where an NPC grants a buff called “Soul of Iron” to players who have never died.

Official hardcore servers would have advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, players could group together in one place, avoiding griefers who aren’t part of the challenge. On the other hand, automatic character deletion by Blizzard could result in players permanently losing characters due to technical reasons like server disconnections or bugs. Players fear that they may have to wait for extended periods for their tickets to be resolved if they die due to technical problems.

Blizzard has yet to comment publicly on the possibility of hardcore servers, however, the appearance of the PTR code hints at their imminent arrival and has spiked conversation and more interest in the community. It’s unknown what Blizzard has planned for WoW Classic in the coming months, aside from content patches for Wrath of the Lich King Classic.

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Players are eagerly anticipating further information on the potential hardcore mode, which could be revealed in future builds. Fans are hoping that World of Warcraft will make an official announcement about the new game mode soon, clarifying whether it will be available for Classic, retail, or both. If a hardcore mode is introduced, it would be an exciting addition for fans who are looking for an even greater challenge in the game. With the success of the Hardcore community and the recent Season of Mastery, a hardcore mode would likely be popular among fans. Hopefully, WoW fans won’t have to wait too long for an official announcement from Blizzard.

If you wish to join the Hardcore community ahead of Blizzard’s possible announcement of a launch of the official hardcore version, visit the Classic Hardcore website for more information.