The Long Awaited Valheim Is Now Available On Xbox And Game Pass

The Long Awaited Valheim Is Now Available On Xbox And Game Pass Featured

The long-awaited Xbox release of Valheim finally came on Xbox and Game Pass with the game releasing on March 14th, 2023. Xbox players will finally be able to experience Valheim both on Xbox One and the Xbox Series X with full crossplay with PC players. The game is available for purchase and also for Game Pass subscription members. As of now, there are no official announcements from Iron Gate regarding the availability of Valheim on PlayStation 5 or Nintendo Switch platforms.

Valheim is developed by Iron Gate Studio, a Swedish company, and published by Coffee Stain Studios. It was launched over 2 years ago on Steam for Linux and Windows on 2 February 2021 in early access and created waves in the gaming industry, garnering a massive player base on PC and becoming one of the most popular games of the year achieving a remarkable feat by selling 4 million copies in just three weeks of its release and nearly 7 million copies by July of the same year.

Valheim Main Menu

Valheim remains in its early access phase, and according to the developers, there is still a lot that they want to incorporate into the game. Early Access offers a means for the developers to receive continuous and valuable feedback, collaborate with players on their desired additions, and keep the players in mind throughout the development cycle. The developers have expressed their desire to ensure that players have a say in the game’s direction and features as they continue to work on it. By incorporating player feedback, the developers hope to create a game that not only meets player expectations but exceeds them.

Valheim Character Creation

In Valheim, players take on the role of Einherjar, warriors who died in battle and were chosen by the powerful Valkyries. However, before they can ascend to the grand halls of Valhalla, they must first prove themselves worthy in the purgatory world of Valheim. Here, they will face a host of challenges that will test their mettle, strength, and cunning.

The game’s storyline is centred around the idea of cooperation and working together with fellow Einherjar to defeat mythical creatures that inhabit the world of Valheim. As players progress through the game, they must gather resources, craft weapons and armour, and build their settlements to survive in the harsh environment. The game’s challenging difficulty level requires players to use their skills and strategy to progress.

Valheim Cutting Trees

To prove their worthiness, players must work together with their fellow Einherjar to overcome the trials that the gods have set before them. These trials come in the form of defeating a range of mythical beasts that inhabit Valheim, each with its own unique strengths and weaknesses. As they defeat these creatures, players will earn powerful equipment and valuable resources that will aid them in their journey toward eternal glory.

Valheim Environment

Overall, Valheim is a game that emphasizes the importance of teamwork and cooperation while also providing an engaging and challenging gameplay experience. With its unique storyline centred around Norse mythology, stunning graphics, and immersive soundtrack, Valheim has quickly become a fan favourite in the gaming community.

Viking players must explore the procedurally generated world, gather resources, craft weapons and armour, and battle mythical creatures in an open-world game that offers a great deal of freedom. The game’s immersive gameplay, stunning graphics, and amazing soundtrack have gained it a dedicated following worldwide.

Valheim Meadows

In Valheim, the gameplay revolves around exploration, combat, and survival. Valheim’s game world is generated procedurally, ensuring that each playthrough is distinctive and unique. When players start a new world, it is called a seed and they are given a code. These seeds ensure it is entirely unique. The player can invite friends to play with them in their unique world. The Valheim world is made up of diverse biomes, such as dense forests, snow biomes, and towering mountains, as well as treacherous swamps and barren plains. The game’s enemies are equally diverse, ranging from small creatures, some of which can be tamed like boars, wolves and more. Other animals and mobs include deer, giant bosses, trolls and dragons. Players must gather resources to craft weapons and armour, and they must also construct their settlements to survive the harsh environment.

Valheim Black Forest Biome


Occasionally players will be raided by enemy mobs. In Valheim, the occurrence of events is random, with a 20% chance of happening every 46 minutes. When a raid is about to begin, players receive a message announcing its start. The list of raids, including their duration, the in-game message that players receive, and their specific parameters, are listed below.

Boars and Necks

The first raid players will encounter is the Boars and Necks mob, which will attack the Meadow and Blackforest biomes from the beginning of the game until the first boss, Eikthyr, is defeated. After defeating Eikthyr, players will face the Greydwarf Variants, which will appear in Meadows, Black Forest, Swamps, and Plains. This raid lasts for 120 seconds and is signalled by the message “The forest is moving…”.


The raid message begins as “The Forest is moving” After defeating Eikthyr, a horde of Greydwarves will attack you and continue to do so until you defeat The Elder. These attacks will take place in Meadows, Black Forest, Swamps, and Plains.

Draugrs and Skeletons

The raid message begins as “A foul smell from the swamp” As players progress further in the game and defeat more bosses, they will encounter increasingly difficult raids. The Draugrs and Skeletons raid will attack players in the same biomes as the Greydwarfs, as well as the mountains, after defeating The Elder and until Bonemass is defeated.


The raid message begins as “A cold wind blows from the mountains” The Drakes and a freezing debuff raid occurs after defeating Bonemass in the Black Forest and before Moder in the Mountains, the fourth boss, and begins in the same biomes as the Draugr events. Drakes are formidable creatures that inhabit the frigid peaks of the Mountain biome in Valheim. These legless frost dragons have striking ice-blue scales and four imposing horns. Interestingly, Drakes are all male and are born from the mother dragon, Moder.

Fulings, Fuling Berserkers, and Fuling Shamans

The raid message begins as “The horde is attacking” The bell tolls for the final boss-related horde that can raid in Valheim. These hordes will only attack in Meadows, Black Forest, or Plains and will commence from the defeat of Bonemass until the slaying of Yagluth. The horde comprises Fulings, Fuling Berserkers, and Fuling shamans, making it the most challenging event to survive.

Multiplayer Mode

One of the unique features of Valheim is its multiplayer mode. While the game can be played solo, it truly shines when played with friends. Players can come together to explore the world, construct their settlements, and fight enemies. The cooperative gameplay encourages teamwork and communication, making it a great choice for gamers who love playing with others. Players are able to transfer their character and inventory from one game to another, allowing them to retain their progress and skills. However, it’s important to note that if a player loses equipment in one world and logs out before retrieving it, that equipment will be lost in any subsequent world they transfer to.

Valheim Multiplayer

Valheim’s popularity stems from its distinct combination of survival, exploration, and Viking mythology. The game’s premise is centred around a Viking afterlife, where players must confront the mystical creatures that inhabit it. The world of Valheim is procedurally generated, meaning that each playthrough is unique, creating a highly replayable game. To survive in this world, players must gather resources, craft weapons and armour, and build their settlements. The game’s challenging difficulty level requires players to use their skills and strategy to advance.

One of the standout features of Valheim is its impressive visual design. The game’s developers have created an immersive environment with gorgeous landscapes, intricate designs, and lifelike textures. The day and night cycle adds to the immersive gameplay, allowing players to experience different environmental conditions throughout their journey.

The soundtrack in Valheim is a crucial element that enhances the player’s adventure. Patrik Jarlestam, the composer, draws inspiration from Nordic folklore, Viking mythology, and epic cinematic music to create a fitting soundtrack. The music complements the game’s atmosphere and adds to its immersive gameplay.

Valheim is an exceptional game that has won the hearts of players worldwide. Its unique blend of survival, exploration and Viking mythology provides a fresh and thrilling gameplay experience. With its procedurally generated world, breathtaking graphics, and captivating soundtrack, Valheim is a game that players can enjoy for hours. Valheim is an immersive and thrilling survival game that offers players an unforgettable Viking-themed experience. The multiplayer mode adds an extra layer of social interaction, making it perfect for gamers who enjoy playing with others. Valheim has quickly become a fan favourite and is a must-play for any survival game enthusiast.